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Im starting to wonder why i ever bothered...SP3 monitor woes...


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I had previously, a good Sony laptop and my son said I should get a surface, i'd be able to use it on the move and also as a laptop replacement.

So I bought a slide in docking station at well over £200, this works great. I can even use my proper keyboard with it and a mouse.

However, i am not able to use a proper monitor with it for more than 1 and its original connection session....

I have a startech.com mdp2hd4ks dp to hdmi adaoptor with a multitude of different available dell monitors to connect it to..

At present i am using a u2412h with a the startac mini dp to a mini dp > large dp cable.. The monitor is not detected and i cant get a picture up. I have changed the dell's input feed, rebooted.. Nothing.

I have a u2515h monitor, which I originally had the surface pro connected to and working with, via its docking station and this worked fine. Until i turned off and it all back on again... The surface would then detect a monitor, as if you disconnected it, it would make the 'disconnected' chime, however, nothing would display on screen (even with the correct input selected).... I use display fusion, i've tried uninstalling this, and pressing windows +p and outputting in various different ways. The two monitors display in the Display settings sub menu from the desktop

I dont see how it can go from working one day to not working the next. Its absolutely infuriating.. I swear its something along the lines of the Surface docking station isnt able to power the length of lead to the monitor, or some other electrical reason. Ive not had any problems with DP from my pc > monitor so why is the SP3 so fussy?

Sorry for the rant, but this has left me quite angry and starting to wonder why I'd bother supporting microsoft and dare i say it, move to apple where things just work, oh and dvi - they worked well didnt they why move to DP apart from higher resolutions!?!?!?

Can you please advise what i should do to get my screens working permanently, iwant it to work whether i turn them on/ off, undock and then redock the sp3, it should just work !!!



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The length of the cable can be a problem but it should work, even if poorly. Yours doesn't seem to work at all. I think you may have a problem with a bad dock based on your description.


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Weirdly it doesnt work directly from the surface pro either... Should i try a shorter HDMI lead?

I was thinking of buying eveyr single adaptor MSoft made to find 1 that worked !!!!!