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My external monitor does not wake up after SP3 turns ON


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Dear support,

I recently bought a P2415Q 4k monitor which I use with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and my new Surface Dock.

When I power OFF my Surface via the power button, putting the computer into "connected standby", the monitor automatically goes into "Energy power save mode".

The problem comes when I power ON my Surface, the monitor does not always leave the "Energy power save mode".
After a few tests, I could narrow the problem to the "wake up from hibernate" scenario (after an extended time in connected standby, the Surface enters hibernate state).

The only way to get the display back on my monitor is to switch it OFF, then after a few seconds, switch it ON again. Sometimes this procedure does not work and I have to reconnect the mDP cable.

I performed my tests with the monitor connected via the Surface Dock , but also directly into the Surface mDP port, both giving the same result.
I use the original mDP to DP cable provided by Dell, and installed the latest Intel graphics drivers on the surface (running Windows 10).

I initially posted my problem on Dell's forum, but they consider that the problem comes from the Surface and redirected me here (original thread @ Dell).

They also say that Mircrosoft is working on a special dongle for the SP3 to fix this problem, are you able to confirm this ?

Best regards,
I experienced this with the SP3, and am now experiencing it on the SP4 (using the new dock in each instance). I never had any issue when plugged straight into the surface though.

I've not been able to troubleshoot it, in that it is totally unpredictable. sometimes it's fine, others it is a PITA
I use an HP 2311x monitor and when you turn on the surface in the dock, it will not recognise the monitor until you are at your lock screen. That's a s3 in the dock, not sure if the sp3 will be the same or not. Maybe worth investigating. Also, in power settings, under when cover is closed select do nothing. that way the surface is always on while plugged in on the dock. That may help too!
I had this this morning. Occured when user pressed the off Button to "sleep" the Surface Pro 3. Monitor when to popwer save mode. FIX Disconnect display adapter. Shut down Surface. Start Surface. reconnect display adapter.