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Install 10/24/2013 System Hardware Update when offered?


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I purchased my SP2 on 12/5/2013. The 12/10/2013 Systems Firmware Update failed on 12/11/2013. After that I experienced several of the problems mentioned by others here. Most of the problems like with the incorrect battery charge and not turning on happened only once. I switched to hibernate after overheating once and have had a problem free several weeks.

I have turned off automatic updates (kind of a pain as Defender no longer updates itself like Security Essentials did) but noticed that the 10/24/2013 System Hardware Update is being offered. Should I apply this update considering I am not currently having problems? Must the 10/24 update be installed before the rerelease of the 12/10 update can be installed?

I am inclined to wait for the 12/10 rerelease (hopefully this Patch Tuesday).

Thanks, Bob