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System Hardware Update - 10/24/2013?


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Just did an update check on my Surface Pro 2, and I noticed a System Hardware Update available to download (it wasn't large, around 200-400kb). I can't find any record of it online yet, but when looking at the update history, the update has a date of 10/24/2013. I was wondering if this was the firmware reversal? I haven't made any changes to my hardware, but it just as well may be something else.

Any thoughts?
The only update I saw today was a 416kb definition update for Windows Defender which comes out almost everyday.
Yeah there have been several windows updates that have come thru ever since I have received my Pro 2 with that Oct 2013 date. It has been kinda scary but I've downloaded and installed them with no issue.

We are due a firmware update on 1/14/14 from Microsoft so we will see how that goes.
This "update"/downgrade was an idea of MS to fix the faulty december firmware since it should theoretically overwrite the newer one.
I got that one to install too but the only issue which occured me through the faulty one (waking during sleep) didn't get solved, so I dunno...

Anyways, tomorrow is the great day when hopefully everything gets fixed xD
I am not sure the re-issue was intended to fix the faulty firmware update. I saw 10/24/13 update more than a dozen times before that firmware was ever launched! There appears to be Windows Update bug - go to the MS forum and they think that many of the "failed" firmware upgrades weren't failures at all - Update didn't know it installed properly. Of course they later pulled the firmware, so maybe it isn't an Update problem - but I suspect there IS one.

I might also add the bogus firmware package was HUGE while the 10/24/13 package was/is miniscule