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Install drivers while powered off


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Hey guys, I got myself a S3 a couple of weeks ago, been working great, up until I got to my parents place where I'll be staying for another week for Christmas. I haven't got it to charge properly the whole 3 days I've been here, just constant 'plugged in not charging'. I'd get a bit of charge in, then it would stop, so it's been on the charger the whole time I've been here. I heard that uninstalling the ACPI-Compliant Control Method battery driver could help so I did that. Of course it wouldn't charge, and a few minutes after that it shut down, before I could reinstall the driver. Now it won't charge at all, I left it plugged in all night and it still just gives me the surface splash screen and the low battery symbol and turns off.

I don't even know if it will be possible, but does anyone here know if I can get that driver back on with no power in the Surface? Or even better, if there's some way I can get power into it long enough to get the driver reinstalled?

Cheers guys


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is it possible the battery is defective? although it should stay on when plugged in! did you try the 2 button restart method? volume down + power button, that might get your S3 going... but as far as installing drivers when the S3 is off is just impossible to do.... maybe try taking it to a MS store to see if they can get it going or give you a new one ;)


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Try a different USB charger, best would be something with at least 2a output. maybe try a different cable also but it's most likely the charger or the Surface.