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Install MS Office 2007 on SP3?

Doit Koppler

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Is it possible to install MS Office 2007 (64-bit) on A Surface Pro 3? I have an external CD drive, but it doesn't seem to want to install it. I loathe the new Office 365 and was hoping to us my Office 2007. Any ideas?


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turn it into and ISO file and move it to the SP3 hard drive and try it that way

google "cd to iso" and you can find lots of software...

and holy large lettered post Batman... normal size text works fine
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For reference, this is the whole selling point of something like the surface over say an ipad. If the software is compaible with the operating system, then it will install on the surface. The surface is just a small windows computer. Office will install just fine.

As said. See if you can turn your cd int an iso (it may be the case that the usb cd drive isn't getting enough power). alternatively you could download a copy of office 2007 through whatever means you choose, and then just use your genuine license key when installing.