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Solved Installing Office on Surface Pro 3

Suzanne K

New Member
Can Office 2010 run on the Surface pro? I just installed it from a usb drive (copied from the cd) and though it seemed to go smoothly (no errors displayed, asked to complete installation by restarting, which I did) I can't find any of the office programs. Where are they?


Staff member
From the Start Screen... type "Word" does it find it? If so its installed, you will most likely find the Apps under the All Apps View by swiping up on the Start Screen and scroll to the right and find the Desktop Apps, then you can Pin them to the Start Screen or Taskbar or both...


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Yep, I responded to this post but it seems to have gone missing.
Swipe up on the Start Screen they should be in the full app list. Or if you have a mouse attached there should be a small link with arrow on the left below the tiles.