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Installing .Net 3 and prior?


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I have a number of applications including battery bar pro I'd like to install which require older .net libraries. I should be able to add them by selecting .Net3 in the windows add/remove features. This always fails with a network timeout... googling shows lots of people with the same problem on win 8.1 and a suggestion to install from the .iso with the dsim utility (see How to enable .NET Framework 3.0 and 2.0 manually in Windows 8.1 RTM). Since the Pro 2 doesn't come with any media, I tried pulling the MSDN 8.1 x64 iso but that also fails using dsim. I see from the posts on this board that many of you have battery bar pro working which must mean you've been able to solve this problem.... how? Thanks, Jon


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*Edited* Broken for me too. It used to work on Windows 8 Pro, but not in Windows 8.1.

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All of the programs I've installed that needed .NET libs popped up a window during install that gave me the option to install .NET which completed normally.


For me it worked, I just didn't went with the CMD but just windows + X and to program and features and then turned the feature on. My program needed .NET 2.x and it didn't start without is and afterwards it did.


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From my google searches, there appears to be a common problem with the BITS service not functioning properly and breaking many things. I managed to get this to work by running the GUI based .net3 add immediately after a boot before BITS had a chance to get flakey.