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PROBLEMS on Windows RT 8.1 Preview. Who have them ?


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I'm trying to deal with some problems on my Surface RT since I've installed the RT 8.1 Preview version and would like to know if somebody else is having these or other issues.

I've installed Windows 8.1 PRO Preview on my notebook and the listed issues below AREN'T affecting my notebook, but just the Surface RT Tablet.

1) SKYDRIVE - is taking too much time to update (download from web to the local folders). And...the updates are shown first on Internet Explorer and after some time they are available on the Skydrive Apps.
2) BING SEARCH - the integrated bing search is not working properly on my Surface RT 8.1 Preview. When searching "everywhere" it keeps searching..and searching..and after some time it shows an error message saying "something is wrong". As I said it's working fine on my Windows 8.1 PRO notebook.

Please, I appreciate any help

Some other minor issues are listed on my blog...too much text to copy here. You can check there

Carlos Trindade
Surface RT & Windows RT REAL Review: Windows 8.1 RT Preview Review - My first impressions
SkyDrive has been slow about syncing files ever since I first used it, I don't think that's an 8.1 issue, but a SkyDrive issue.

For some reason, I get the feeling that you know this already. Maybe it's because you need something to post about to include a link to your blog in &_& :)
Does the 'Preview' part of the title not explain that its not ready yet... So many people moaning about things not working and wondering why.
My biggest issue beside IE crashing more often than before is losing WiFi connectivity when coming out of standby. From what I have read, it is a pretty common issue with 8.1, but I wish MS would fix it already.