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Intel Graphics Driver Stopped Working Properly...directs me to ASUSTEK for update?


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My SP1 has been rock solid, but I noticed today a message in notification center, dated June 12th, that the Intel Graphics Driver stopped working properly, and that there was an update available to download from ASUSTEK. I don't specifically remember the driver crashing or a BSOD, though there was an old game I was playing around that time that crashed to desktop, so that's likely the culprit. I haven't experienced any noticeable issues. Anyway I was wondering why the OS would direct me to install an update from ASUS, and if others have seen this before and have installed it. A Bing search has shown that some have installed it and stopped their BSOD's (though I haven't had any), but they weren't using Surface Pro's from what I can tell. The exact file it downloads is V10.18.10.3383_Win8.1_64exe, and its 144MB in size.