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Internal power issue


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Hi does anyone else have the problem of if you detach the clipboard from the keyboard and then boot just the clipboard it blue screens with internal power issue but if it's docked it boots fine.

After just 14 days I noticed my first surfacebook had the exact same problem. Sometimes while running it would not recognize the tablet being attached (I could only detach it via the Keyboard, not via the icon). When I detached it while the device was not running and then started it the usual Surface logo appeared for a few seconds, afterwards the screen blacked out and a blue screen with appeared telling me about an INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR. After collecting some error information the device was booting normally. However it was 100% reproducible.
(It also had some really minor problems with backlight bleeding and yellow discolorization).

I went back to the shop and got a new one. It is only 7 days old (I have actually only been using it for 2 days as I was still waiting for a screen protector to arrive). Until now, I have only installed Skype, Firefox and Code::Blocks (I dont think these programs are causing the issue as I had to do a reset in order to get my first unit replaced and the problem was still existing) and at first I was really happy with it, as I was not able to reproduce that error. Well... until today. It started with the Surface Book not recognizing that the tablet was attached while it was running... once again.... Already knowing what this could mean I decided to reboot it in tablet mode... only to find that the exact same error is 100% reproducible again!

I am starting to become really desperate with this Microsoft product.... I actually like the Surface Book a lot if it wasn't for these problems...

Can someone please tell me if thats just a surfacebook-software problem that will hopefully soon be resolved by Microsoft or if I just had the bad luck to get 2 bad units (e.g. is that a reproducible error for anyone else here as well)?

Thx in advance