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Intocircuit 26000mah only provide 1.75 charges. Is it defected?


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I just bought the Introcircuit 26000mah. I have tested its battery life. I couldn't fully charge my SP2 twice.

I can fully charge my SP2 once from 5-100%. Then, another charge from 5-75% and the battery is dead.

So it gives me total around 175%, is it normal?
Is it suppose to provide alittle more than two fully charges? I only can have one fully charge and 75% for second charge.

Is my battery defected? Anyone who has this Introcircuit battery. Do you have better charging result or it's the same?

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Where are you that you need roughly 30 hours of use time without a wall socket?

For SP2, it's about 5 hours for movie and steaming video. For gaming, it's just 1.5 hours. I am not asking for 30 hours.

I just want to make sure the battery bank I got is not defected. That's all. It is not related if I need 30 hours battery without a wall socket or not. It is an over $100 battery bank.
Sorry, missed that it was SP2. But still... where are you using it that much that you arent near a plug?
I've read online that the battery of the Surface Pro 1/2 is 4,200mAh. If true then you should be getting like 5+ charges from it. I'm not 100% sure how these devices work, I'd expect you'd lose a little power. You couldn't expect the exactly 6.19 charges from it which is how it works out (26,000/4200), but you should be getting more then 1.75, unless I'm missing something?

EDIT: ifixit.com says it's 5676mAh which should still work out at over 4 charges surely?
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Thats if you power off the device, hes probably using it at the same time, which defeats the point of portable power. Still, where are you that long that you dont have access to an outlet?
I would guess it is slightly defective. You should be getting 3 to maybe 4 charges out of it.

Things to note however, this is assuming the surface pro is entirely off while charging, otherwise you are consuming power from the system while also charging, this would easily lead you to the 1.75 charges you are experiencing. Also, its not a perfect system for the charger transferring energy from the external battery to the surface, it only has so much efficiency so you lose some of the stated capacity.