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iPhone Personal Hotspot tethering to Windows 10


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Some Intranet or Ethernet connections with Windows 10 will fail to connect to an iPhone Personal Hotspot. The connection cycles on and off. Connecting with a USB cable works fine.

Windows 10 has trouble finalizing the connection if spaces are in the Hotspot name.

Remove any spaces from your iPhone name. For example, change "Doug's iPhone" to Doug's_iPhone".



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I just switched from a Windows phone to an iphone 6s+ and left ATT & went with Verizon. Going to retire soon and become a full time RVr and heard this setup would work the best for RV'rs. Anyway, I don't recall naming my iphone. Do you do that somewhere in Settings? I also purchased and setup a myfi unit so I probably won't use my phone that much as a hotspot but I still would like to follow your suggestion. It looks like you purchase the 128 gig iphone. I thought 64 gig would do me since I keep most of my videos and music on my Surface or a thumb drive.