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Is dGPU not working when the screen is flipped?


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OK, is it me, or is NVidia not working when the screen is flipped? I just spent a few hours working with
Photoshop having my screen flipped. It's all good, but when I ran the settings I noticed Nvidia was not found (?)
I flipped my screen back and it showed up under Nvidia detect program. That would s@ck as the flipped screen
mode is how I plan to use it... Can anyone more experienced with Windows check it please?


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I read something about possibly having to close a dGPU app when detaching the screen. IDK I don't have a book so that might not be accurate ... seems you can't believe *everything* you read. :)


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When you switch your screen direction or detach it, be sure to close all programs. This is a drawback with all systems with switchable graphics, sadly.

The big problem is that Intel + Nvidia or Intel + AMD don't work together. The drivers made by Nvidia are hacked up drivers to inject rendered frame its GPU performed onto the Intel integrated graphics memory location and make it think it did the job (to put it in a nutshell).
Intel is not interested in switchable graphics to really partner with AMD or Nvidia and make a proper solution.

So a s a result, you can't just get the latest Nvidia drivers or Intel drivers when they come out. You need to use the custom drivers which will be delivered via the manufacture, in this case Microsoft.

The only solution is if Nvidia makes 2 GPUs, one for low powered purposes and the other the powerful one. Nvidia used to offer this back in 2006 or so days, from what I remember, but it failed, as consumers had to pay, well the price of 2 GPUs, and it takes more room on the laptop (CPU and 2x GPUs, even if the low powered GPU doesn't need a cooling solution)
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