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Is my SP6 working fast enough?


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Subjectively it seems sluggish. e.g. The fastest I've timed Photoshop starting up to a usable state was 21 seconds. Often it takes 25-30 seconds. It used to start up faster, but it may be Adobe to blame for the slowness?

Using BootRacer to time a "Full Boot" (with start-up apps) was 39-41 secs. A "Clean Boot" (without start-up apps) was 36-38 secs. ISTR ten years ago or more, using BootRacer and seeing results less than 20 secs. Is 36-38 secs a reasonable time for a modern 4-core CPU to boot up?

Windows shutdown (with all foreground apps already closed) takes 15-20 seconds.

About six months ago, when I felt the system was sluggish I formatted the drive and reinstalled Win10 fresh, but things were the same.

The past couple times I started PS, I monitored the Performance tab of Task Manager to watch the CPU and it never went above 2.3Ghz, usually staying in the sub-2Ghz range. My SP6 has the i7-8650U (4C/8T, 1.9GHz /4.2Ghz) & 16GB RAM. Shouldn't the CPU kick up to a higher speed? The SSD (512GB with over 50% free) usage never got very high, either.