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is screen de-glossable?


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love the screen but hate the glare. bestbuy guy said that ZAGG makes non-reflective overlays, but they don't have it for Surface (the basic one, yes, but not the non-reflective). anything else one can do? this is a Pro, so I would prefer not to nullify the stylus.


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Sorry you are having issues with the glare. MS says this is one of the screens with the least amount of glare currently made. There are definitely anti-glare screen protectors out there or coming out soon. The Pro has been out a short amount of time and it sometimes takes a little but for accessories to show up.

Amazon.com: Tech Armor Microsoft Surface RT/PRO Tablet Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [2-PACK]: Computers & Accessories

i-Blason HD Matte Anti Glare Bubble Free Screen Protector for MS MicroSoft Surface Tablet Windows 8 PRO Reusable


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NuShield has a couple of screen protectors for the surface, you might want to take a look at those as well.


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Indeed it is true that the surface probably has the least glare then any other touch screen device because the screen is optically bonded directly to the glass. I actually love the screen. It is crystal clear and has excellent viewing angles.

I am pretty sure it is impossible to de gloss the screen. I don't think I've seen any touch screen device with a matt finish. I do know on eBay or other online sites that there are matt finish screen protectors that may help. Not sure if they will be able to handle being written on with the stylus though. Personally I think its not worth the hassle of putting on a screen protector. In the majority of cases, glare shouldn't be a big problem


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I am pretty sure it is impossible to de gloss the screen. I don't think I've seen any touch screen device with a matt finish.

I have a convertible laptop/tablet .. A Lenovo with a swivel screen .. This is a Touch Screen w/ a matt finish. I actually had to convertibles and was giving one to my granddaughter.
I gave her the HP and I kept my Lenovo because of that great NO GLARE screen. It is actually a GREAT COMPUTER .. I don't know why I keep buying more ..


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Check out Ghost-Armor. They have a laser cut fit for the Surface Pro for both screen and entire body. You can order online or depending where you live, they have small kiosk in major shopping malls.

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