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Is the SP2 Cool (temperature) enough to carry in bags/cases? How does Sleep work?


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Hello! I used to own a Surface RT, which I've sold in preparation for buying a Surface Pro 2. One of the nice advantages of the Surface RT was that it rarely heated up, and had no fans, so I could throw it in a padfolio or bag without much worry and take it wherever. Hitting the power button once put the device to Sleep, and then whenever I needed it again, a quick hit on the power button woke it up instantly.

The Pro and Pro 2 have the vents around their edges and fans to accommodate the more powerful work the device is doing. And while it does have an SSD, I'm assuming going to Sleep and Waking up aren't so smooth of transitions. What are your experiences? I intend to use my SP2 for work, and plan to walk into one meeting with papers and books, jump into my software, and then quickly pack up, maybe throw everything into a bag and head to another meeting.

If the device needs more air and room to vent heat after use, that's fine, I'd just like to know what's safe and what's not so I can adjust my habits.


I had a similar concern as I keep my SP2 in a tight HP Netbook sleeve. Vast majority of the time, when using OneNote or Office apps in a meeting, it gets barely lukewarm, so it's never an issue. Now if you are sitting bored in a long, pointless meeting and start up Civ V (not that I ever done that!), it will get a little warm.


It's a non-issue as long as you're turning off the device or putting it to sleep. Once you do that, the heat production will practically cease and it will cool without a problem. I've even put it to sleep directly after gaming sessions where the fans were running pretty high, and they shut off immediately. The device was still warm, but it causes no harm.


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My use case is exactly like OP's. I bounce from meeting to meeting with stops at WiFi Hotspots in between. I don't use a sleeve case. I just have a leather messenger bag to store my SPro2. My messenger bag has a separate sleeve like section for a small laptop/tablet. My Pro fits in there perfectly. I've had no issues with my Pro being to hot to put in the bag. My bag also holds my stylus so I don't worry about losing it.


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