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Is there a SP3 portfolio that allows use of kickstand?


Is anyone aware of a portfolio style case for the SP3 that still allows for use of the kickstand? Something similar to this, but still allowing use of the SP3's kickstand? I'd like:
  1. Something professional for meetings
  2. Has a pen holder (2 pen holders would be even better - second for a real pen)
  3. Surface can be put in and taken out quickly
  4. Is geared overall towards note taking


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I have this one and it works really well. The metal tab in the at the center edge will actually attache to a magnet on the side which holds the tablet however if you have the type cover attached it makes it just slightly thicker and the tab can't reach the magnet but not a big deal.
I also own this one, it works well (I cut the flap off) but I removed it as I really like how thin and light the Surface is without the case.


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I looked hard for a folio style case that would allow use of the Kickstand.

After a while I decided I just liked the way the Surface felt in the buff and stopped searching.

I have a sleeve type case for surface + type cover with adapter, mouse etc. as I reckon it's durable enough for normal use so long as its transported around in a slip case.

I think it looks as good as any tech out there at the mo and it seems a shame to cover it up and hide it!


That's an amazing looking case... Does it work for the SP3? Even if it doesn't I'm kind of tempted to grab one for my old RT.
There is one available for the Surface Pro 3 but it looks like they are currently out of stock. I have one for my SP2 and it is GREAT! I'm planning on upgrading to the SP4 when it is available and I will get another one for sure. (!!)


Thanks for the suggestions!! I'm going to give the Moko case a try. I might also give this case a try. It's not exactly what I originally had in mind, but it looks professional for a meeting, has some additional pockets, and looks like the tablet can be put in/out quickly. Thanks!