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Cover for Surface Pro 8 that still allows flipping the keyboard


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Hello All. This is driving me nuts! I'm looking for a cover or edge protector Surface Pro 8 tablet with the following features:

1. Allows FLIPPING the keyboard around--while still attached.
2. Will hold my Slim 2 pen.

I've been searching for the past three months now (ever since I purchased it on Thanksgiving), but it seems no one offers on like this. My son gave me a Kensington Black Belt for Christmas. I liked how that protected the edges, but the pen holder was for the original ROUND pen (and the Slim 2 wouldn't fit). I like that style, so then I ordered a Fintie Hard Case. But then I realized I couldn't flip the keyboard. I just assumed it would, but then when when I look at others, I found that none of them allow the keyboard to flip around. Unless I didn't remember correctly, I thought I could flip the keyboard with the Black Belt, but they don't have one that holds the Sim 2 pen (yet?). And it's awkward to have to pull the keyboard off every time I don't want to use it. And with the Fintie cover, the keyboard isn't quite as easy to remove--the outside ends of the hinge catches the rubber at the bottom, and I'm afraid I'll tear it if I keep taking it off. Besides, then I have to find a place to lay it down.

I'd appreciate suggestions if anyone knows of such a cover. I'd prefer the same style with the rubber to protect the edges (I'm using it in my workshop). but I'll settle for something else if it allows for both options. Seems odd that NO ONE offers one.