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Hi all,

I know this must be a long shot, but I wonder if there is any reference/ bibliography software like Zotero or EndNote etc. for the RT platform? There are some paid and free web solutions (they look good, but I have never tried them), but I would like to avoid web-based solutions for the moment because sometimes I travel (for significant periods of time) to places where there is not net connection and connecting using my phone's 3G is expensive and, at best, spotty.

I am not really holding my breath, but one never knows, right???

Btw, on my Win 8 Pro desktop, I use Zotero, which is not too bad - at least its better than my experience of EndNote.

If there was a reason I could think of even considering the Surface Pro, this would be it! In every other respect, I prefer the RT. And, yes, I have now had the opportunity to spend some time using the Pro...not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.


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Go to the EndNote Suggestion forum and ask for them to make a Modern Windows 8 and RT app as a reference PDF viewer. It won't work with Office RT until Microsoft changes the plug-in restriction (hoping with Tegra K1 ARM processors). At least they could make an Ipad-like app that allows you to view the PDFs, sync, add new references, etc.