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Locked in Lock Screen


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This is the first time I am having this issue.

I have my Surface RT connected to my home theater and enjoying Evanescence, when my girlfriend rang me. Before i answered the call, I paused the video player. We talked for around six minutes and the device shut the screen off, which is normal.

After the call, I woke it up and I'm greeted with the Lock Screen and it won't let me past. Swiping up has no effect. I removed the HDMI cable, and the display is back to the Surface.

And here's my mistake, I pressed CTRL alt del, and selected lock instead of logging out. Now, I'm stuck even worse. It won't respond to CTRL alt del anymore, but the mouse pointer still moves.

Well, I can reboot, but I was hoping I can get out of this trap in q nicer way.

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I don't think you have any choice but to reboot. If you waited for a while and nothing happened it's obviously a hardware/software lockup.
The issue is repeatable and consistent. I purposely did it again. This time, from the lock screen, I pressed CTRL alt del, then I logged off. The TV screen is now blank.

I disconnected the HDMI cable and the Surface screen is still blank.

The mouse pointer is gone. Pressing CTRL alt del again does nothing.

I will try this with my Acer S3 and see what happens.
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Wait, something is wrong here...

I removed the USB DAC, and the screen is back. It did logout.

Connecting the HDMI cable again, the screen switched to the TV but none of the Modern apps want to run complaining about resolution, which is set correctly. In addition, I can't play any movies as it tells me the format is not supported.

This... Is... Weird!
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Ok, I did a restart via CTRL alt del and it won't restart, the screen dimmed already.


As I type this reply, it goes to the new blue screen, that I first experienced with my Acer S3 running the consumer preview of Windows 8.
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I simulated the problem again, this time removing the USB DAC out of the mix. The problem did not manifest. Therefore, it is that combination that confuses the Surface RT when the screen times out.
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I have this issue with my Plantronics Voyager Pro 2 UC Headset, if I leave the dongle in and the RT goes into Connected Standby, I can't get back in until I reboot.
Make them a video :D

I don't even know where to submit it :)

I have to test this bug with my Panasonic LCD. I don't use it much because it looks like crap compared to the Samsung. The Samsung has quirks too, the Surface RT work on HDMI input 2, but my Acer won't. The Acer likes to be connected to the HDMI input 1.

Look Ma, lotsa tiles!