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Issues with Surface Book:
  • Display driver random crashes, fixes itself
  • Lose mouse control after dock/undock (not in tablet mode). Requires reboot.
  • Screen flickering random times
  • Crackly sound when notifications come through speakers
Issues with Dock:
  • Dock doesn't work with DVI connection to external HP monitor
  • Can't get dock to work when in "drawing" (clipboard mounted backwards) mode.
All updates have been applied.

And yes, understood....bought a 1st gen product ;) Got it.


From a poster in another thread, re-run the updates with the dock attached.

I did all my updates and setup before unboxing the dock. This morning it reapplied what looked like the same update and my dock issues seem to have disappeared.


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Yeah, I've done that and don't see any new updates. I thought you had a magic way of re-applying updates :)


I did reset it last night so that means the initial updates were done in the dock. I restored it to factory defaults last night(wiping everything, reinstall), saw one problem was still there and shut it down for the night.

When I came in the office it did its first updates in the dock.

It works much better but still some oddball problems. Rebooting with nothing open takes 30-40 seconds before it starts to reboot, just sits there are on Restarting....

Not sure if that's because it cannot find my domain controller or not. I pulled out the dock cord, closed it and did not open it until my next meeting. The mouse pad did not work forcing me to reboot and it took forever.


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More information on the dock display issues: I can connect my DVI external monitor, but as soon as any Display Settings change the SB goes black, then sounds as if something was disconnected....makes the sound like it's reconnected....shows the display settings for 2 seconds.....then repeats this whole shenanigan endlessly until I remove the dock from the SB altogether, disconnect the DVI monitor, and plug the dock back in.


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Same issue for me (reported in an earlier thread) with my DELL monitor. Driver crashes, sound of hardware insert/removal multiple times and no screen. Used my dell doc for monitor plugged into USB of the surface book and all is good. Problem with dock and monitors
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