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It's been over a week now since the Surface Pro 2 came out and still no covers :(


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Futureshop, Bestbuy and Staples STILL haven't gotten ANY of these covers in at all yet, and there is no Microsoft store here.

aarrrrgghh. At this point I'm willing to buy a used cover or even a third party portable keyboard. Jesus. I love my surface but without a keyboard or a case I might as well return it...


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The cyan Type 2 appears in stock on the MS CA online store.

I know you're frustrated, but spamming four different threads and in other posters' threads isn't going to help.

You might consider finding one of the first gens on eBay as well, used or otherwise.


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There were about 20 black type 2 covers at best buy in Sugarland Tx yesterday.

He's in Canada, the only complicating factor. But like I said, if he's willing to even go the used route now, there are options out there, and plenty of 3rd party. But he doesn't need to spam the forums about it. Bumping his original thread would've sufficed.