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iTunes Synch w/iPod


I'm just not having any luck getting my iPod to synch with iTunes on my SP.

First it won't automatically synch when I plug it in and second, I can't get it to synch by clicking the synch button. Is anyone else having a peoblem with iTunes? BYW, it says it's synching on the iPod but it never says it's synching in the iTunes window.
I sync my two iPods using Windows 8 and my Acer S3. I don't see a reason why you can't achieve the same with your Surface Pro. You may want to reformat your iPod, it worked for me on the iPod Classic 120GB.
Interesting topic. I have the SP with iTunes loaded on, so far, so good.

As basic as this sounds, I would reboot the iPod. Not necessarily wipe it, but reboot it and try again. Same with the SP.

If not, here are some other helpful strategies: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

Please let us know how it goes. Thanks.

iTunes is recognizing the iPod, it just won't synch. I'll try the reboot or reformat and get back with an answer. Thanks, all.
That's exactly what happened to my iPod Classic 120GB, it suddenly stopped syncing even when recognized. Even manual mode won't let me copy songs, it just sits there with no progress.
I had the same problem with both my iPhone and iPod

I ended up restoring to the factory default then restoring my latest backup. That, in addition to the usual Apple gymnastic required to switch PCs, finally did the trick.