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iTunes Audio Problem


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I've been trying to get iTunes to play some purchased videos, however every one has choppy audio. The audio usually starts off fine, but after a few seconds is choppy then out of sync. It keeps chopping every few seconds. I've been searching the web, and trying suggested fixes but nothing has worked. It appears to be a windows 8.1 & driver problem based on others having the problem solved after updating the sound driver.

Has anyone here had any luck fixing this problem on a surface pro 2? I've tried having device manager update the driver, but it said the latest is already installed. Installing the driver from realtek didn't help either. I've also tried playing video with and without the high DPI setting enabled. Other video files seem to work fine, just not iTunes.
The problem seems to have gone away. I installed quicktime, and verified the audio settings based on other forums. The quicktime settings matched the suggested 16 bit 44.1kHz, so nothing was changed. However, after installing quicktime and verifying the video and audio in iTunes seem to work. Hope it says this way, but not sure why it is now fixed.