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Solved I've fixed my probelm with Store, Mail and Camera not running.


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Well my actual issue first started with the camera and mail not working but the store did work. Then every once in awhile the store wouldn't work but then mail and camera didn't work. Well that would only happen until the next reboot or restart then it would go back to only the store working. Well then about a month ago the store stopped working completely. While the store was still working I downloaded Touch Mail and some 3rd party camera apps from the store and they worked well and continue to work after the store stopped working.

Well Sunday a friend asked me to look at his machine that was giving a message the the start menu has failed. Restart and the error will fix itself. Well really the problem was the Start menu, task bar and Cortana weren't working at all. I try all those fixed posted on the internet SFC, DISM and the Powershell script. Then I found something saying to create a new account with admin priviledges. It wouldn't let me create a new account inside WIndows 10 but I found command prompt command to do this inside the command prompt running as administator. I restarted at the the HI message came use while the profile for that user was created. The account the friend used with Windows 10 was a local account and pretty much everything was the same on the new accout.

So it tried it on my Surface Book last night. The difference is on my SB i use my MS account to login. So when I restarted some of the desktop shortcuts showed under the new created local admin account. So I setup up One Drive and the store to use my MS account and the Store apps moved into the Start Menu right side. I then copied the favorites, pictures and all the folders on the original profile C:\Users\account (folder). All and everthing is pretty much the same but the store, mail and camera are working. I had to add the account to the mail app but everhting is pretty much the same. I like to use the Mail app for my Imap email accounts and Outlook or Thunderbird for my POP3 account. I also had to sign onto Chrome using my GMAIL account and my then my Chrome setting synced.

I really didn't want to do a reset and this fixed the issue without haveing to re install my desktop apps.