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java not working in IE 10

Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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Well with Chrome it worked just fine and told me I had the latest version.

Verified Java Version


You have the recommended Java installed (Version 7 Update 17).

With IE not so good. Kept telling me it only worked in the desktop version with Windows 8 and I was using the desktop version of IE.

I have gone into the Java Control Panel and verified that Javascript was turned on.

As for the site where I get the java message here is a copy of a screen shot. You can see the small popup at the bottom too.
I don't know why java would even be involved to just bring up another link but apparently it is.
Also I can't sign in to the Microsoft help site because apparently it uses java in the log-in. grrrr

Of course, I can go there with Chrome -- no problem.

I have gone into Manage add-ons and disabled every single one I can find and i still get the popup telling me an addon for this site didn't run.
Then I went back and re-enabled every one of them and still go the message that a popup for the site didn't run == but of course the popup doesn't bother to tell you WHICH ONE.
And to further mystify me, why do I only get this big black screen with the java message and popup on the one site. The failed log-in on Microsoft doesn't give me any message so it may not be connected. But this all started at the same time. One day all was well. Next morning big problems.

java message.png
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Sounds like its confused. And you did go into Internet Options and under the Advanced tab, you clicked Reset at the bottom to completely reset IE?
Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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I made a copy of the Favorites folder on another drive then Exported everything IE would let me export and then did the reset.


Everything seems to be working now.

Despite the dire warnings that all would be lost, after I rebooted after the reset, EVERYTHING seems to still be here.
How that worked out, I dunno, but I'm not gonna argue with it :)

Thanks for all the time you spend helping me.

I'd try it, your favorites are stored in your user folder. Just back them up before you do.