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Juice Defender like app for Windows RT?


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Looking for an app that will manage battery life like Juice defender does for android. Mainly, looking just for wifi instant off with screen off to save battery life.

Does an app like that exist or is it just a pipe dream?


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Have you used the Power Options? You have full control over many settings with it.
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Hmm, I have tried them now. But it seems it is very limited. you basically choose if you want your tablet to go to sleep or be shut down when the button is pressed or when the cover is closed. there is no feature to disconnect all radios when you put it to sleep :(

My battery is doing 7 hours of use, on low lighting..... with only wifi on, no bluetooth


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My battery gets 7 to 9 hours with WiFi and Bluetooth turned on....screen is at around 70% brightness