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Juiced Systems - USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter - installed


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Did a backup to an external drive using the new Juiced Systems USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter.

As in the previous USB 2.0 Surface 5 in 1 Adapter, the device fits snugly over the side of my Surface Pro 2.
Wonderfully small size, and sturdily built. Can travel in a camera case (as a flash media adapter for USB), or with the Surface (since it is sculpted specifically for the Microsoft Surface body. It seems the 5th item counted in the "5 in 1" was the micro-USB power supply. Not needed with the USB 3.0 . Using power-hungry USB devices away from mains power means my Power Cover is all the more handy and valuable.

However, just like the previous device, the Volume Down key is obstructed. The volume can be adjusted from the Surface keyboard or screen, of course. But screenshots cannot be taken using a combination of the Windows button and the Volume Down. That's okay, because the keyboard alternative for taking a screenshot is Fn+Windows+Space.

This is not a show stopper. If I have a single USB device, I can just use the built-in port. If I need two, I can use this USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter to add a second one. And the device certainly comes in handy when using flash media.

A good purchase.







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Edited my OP to name the keyboard alternative for taking a screenshot: Fn+Windows+Spacebar
Thanks for the review and the photos... I was already interested in the old version of this adapter but as it was only USB2 I haven't bought it... now it's USB3 and it might be worth the purchase (even if I already bought 2 other adapters... one with 3 USB3 ports and a small cable and another one for SD cards). But... it seems to be that I only can buy this adapter through amazon.com (Amazon.com: Juiced System's Surface 4 in 1 Adapter -Microsoft Surface 2/Pro2 SD/MicroSD/2x USB3.0 Ports: Computers & Accessories) - any idea how I can get my hands on it from Germany? amazon.de isn't selling it so far and even a google search didn't bring up the results I was hoping for... any hints? :)
i bought this and it seems that when i put in an sd card , it will freeze or not recognize it. also when plugging a usb stick in one slot and a hard drive in another slot, one or both will appear and then dissappear.
I ordered one on Ebay, got it in 5 days, been experimenting with it. Seems when you plug in a SD card or MicroSD card, it shows up as a removeable drive, and kicks the USB 3 ports down to USB 2. Remove the card(s), and the ports become USB 3 again. Might be a power limitation problem, due to the card reading circuitry. Haven't tried two USB 3 devices at once yet. Let everyone know when I get around to it........

I spoke to Dillon at Juiced Systems on 2014.08.12 at 3:45pm. They are in the beginning stages of a new design that will work for the Surface Pro 3... to solve the problem of not being able to charge the SP3 while using the adaptor.

He said it was due out for sale by October 1, 2014 (approx).