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Just got mail from Microsoft listing Surface Pro Starting @ price



[h=1]Surface with Windows 8 Pro[/h]Surface with Windows 8 Pro is all new, and yet you can do everything you’ve ever done on your PC. Touch-enhanced applications run as smoothly as your favorite desktop software, so you can work the way you want.
Coming in early 2013. Starting at $899.

Surface with Windows 8 Pro is powerful

No pre order call yet


Microsoft announced today that Surface Pro will start at $900 at launch for a 64GB version, while a 128GB version will run you $1000. Both models come with 4GB RAM, a USB 3.0 port, and run full Windows 8. That price also includes a fancy stylus. Cover bundles not anounced those cost $120 and $130.


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Wow, super cool news and on the low-to-mid price people were expecting. I'm sure many people will be glad to see how well the hardware actually performs (heat, battery life, etc.). It seems like forever ago that this was announced and still forever to go until it is available.


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God, I am excited. I am going to demo it. If it is not too bulky, I might trade my RT for it. However, I highly doubt it. The RT has already borderline tablet specs. I think the Pro would mostly be used as a laptop instead of a tablet because of its size. That might work for A LOT of people. Heck, if I had saved and waited, I wouldn't mind. As of now, the RT is a true hybrid of Laptop/Tablet. Nothing else beats it, and I wonder how it would compare to the Pro.


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Going on the prices of the RT in the uk, I'm hoping that the pro will start at £799 which i think is expensive for a tablet, but I really don't think you can compare it with other tablets. It's closer to more of an ultra book and with pricing like that it's pretty much the same as other ultra books on the market.

I want a surface but I'm holding off untill the pro is released and for the fact that in the uk they're not in any shop. But I want to know what they feel like to hold. What are your opinions on the thickness of the pro I have the very first iPad which isn't that skinny compared to new gen versions. After reading Mixed views on the RT and that some say its too thick or it's too heavy the pro is thicker and heavier.

Also MS better not charge extra for a cover at $899, the touch cover should be bundled in with the base model at least. I can't even see why you would want to have one with out a keyboard its part of the expiriance.
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I read that the Surface will be hitting Best Buy and Staples stores in the US around the time of the PRO release. I hope the UK receives a similar stance, I'd love to be able to try an RT and PRO in my local Staples store to work out which is best for me.