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Just got mail from Microsoft listing Surface Pro Starting @ price


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more expensive than iPad tablet
iPad 32GB - £479
Surface RT 32GB - £399

Way more expensive than iPad.....
Even adding the touch cover puts it on par with the iPad so I have no idea what you're on about.

If you are referring to the price of Surface Pro, then yeah. Way more expensive than iPad. In exactly the same way that a Macbook Air is way more expensive than iPad. They aren't even aimed at the same markets. Surface Pro is a productivity tool that happens to be in a tablet form factor. The iPad is a consumption device, not a productivity tool.
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Apparently a microsoft store employee said, that they would receive the Surface Pro at the 26th. And another source (don't know who) said, Microsoft would release it at 29th and people can buy it on the 30th. The article was also posted as a news on this site. Anyways, since Microsoft themselves said it's January, these "late january dates" should be the last possible dates anyway.


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Nice. Did not realize above was a link. Looking forward to end of Jan - have a few more days with RT.... then few weeks w/out Win8 Tab until Pro.
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