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One comment and and a few questions

1. I have had a plethora of tablets (including IPads) and not a one is as well constructed or as brilliantle easy to use as the Surface RT - I suspect many of those who have issues do not read or follow the simple instructions.

2. I ran into the afore-mentioned "limited connectivity wifi issue" straioght out of the box:

Do any of the 17 initial updates correct this?
How many hours does it take to install them (was finally able to D/L them after a bunch of
restarts to reconnect wifi)

Thanks in advance for any help or advice
The first things you do 'out of the box' is install all available updates. The wifi issue has been addressed. Time to install depends upon your wifi connection. The Office update may take the longest.
Thanks for the quick response - yes, I am just now installing all the updates (on #14 as we speak). Good to know it's solved
Some updates require a restart. Make sure to keep the power cord connected. Recheck for new/additional updates after each restart.
My at home wifi connection could not handle the updates. I went to a local library and the updates downloaded and installed pretty quickly to tell the truth.

It pretty much has been smooth sailing ever since, at least for what I've used the Surface for. I check for app and windows updates daily, the first thing I do before anything else.

Go into the XBox Music tile. You can pick an artist and start listening immediately to corresponding music while you make your way round the Surface. I like free stuff! :)
Is your router using WPA-TKIP or WPA-AES? If TKIP change to AES and should potentially clear up the issue.
alright I'll check it out, at my college my surface didn't have this problem at all, but when I'm home it acts up, so most likely something to do with the router
Sometimes I get limited connectivity when I'm in B&N or Panera. But I don't see any slow down with browsing at least which I just mostly do in those places anyway so I'm unsure of what actually is limited. I don't get limited on my home wifi and browsing is pretty quick actually there as well now after the updates.