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Keyboard Backlight default setting (its always on)


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Hey guys
First post, I've been reading these forums for quite some time and it helped me through many bumps along the way since joining the surface family.

I just got my surface laptop, and it doesnt seem to save last setting used for the keyboard Backlight.

Everytime i restart or turn on the laptop, back keys turn on, and i have to manually turn them off.

Do you guys experience this ? Is there a way i can save last setting, or set default setting to off and ill turn them on myself when i need to ?


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no one ? can some one who has a surface laptop check ?
I noticed if I shut down and start right away, it actually stays off (or whatever setting I had it on before shutting off)

but if left off for like 10 minutes or more, key lights ALWAYS come on, regardless of last setting


Yep, mine does the same, and always on the highest brightness. It's a bit annoying and means my battery will be draining faster than it should (keyboard backlights do take a fair amount of power). I imagine it's just a driver/firmware thing and an update soon will fix it. I mgiht submit some feed back to Microsoft about it.
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