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SB goes into tablet mode whenever I turn it on


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Hey guys. So I have all updates installed as well as the beta drivers for the intel graphics card. SO far this beast has been stable for me except for one issue: the notebook goes into tablet mode when I power it on after closing the lid for a few hours.

I have set the tablet mode to "remember what I used last" and "don't ask me and always switch". I also have the power saving to go to sleep after 5 mins, then go hibernation after 30 mins.

That being said, I would assume the computer has gone into hibernation by the time I turn it on and it switches to tablet mode. Also, I have the keyboard attached and is NOT in tablet mode when I close the lid, so it should stay in laptop mode.

Anyone else experience this? I know it's easy to switch it back to laptop mode but it's just annoying everytime I turn it on it is in laptop mode when it should not.


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Mine has done this on occasion but not consistently. It will also occasionally just switch into tablet mode while I am working away. This is the last remaining issue for my surface book. Everything else is good.


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I have the same problem. This didn't happen until the November hardware update and 1511 update. I'm not sure what is causing this but my computer randomly enters tablet mode as well. I turned off automatic mode changing and haven't had it happen again yet, but I won't hold my breath. Most everything else appears to be working okay.


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I am having the same issues and it's getting really aggravating. The device randomly switches into tablet mode while I'm in the middle of things. It's also doing it when I unplug the power cord and plug it back in. Additionally if I put it to sleep it always wakes up in the mode opposite what it was set to prior.

I reached out to Microsoft support - they had me wipe it out (thanks) which did nothing to solve the issue. Glad to hear others are experiencing similar problems. Any solutions yet?