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Keyboard disable writing a document


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A few months ago I bought a Surface Pro 7 that I use mainly to write documents and update a customer database.
From the beginning I observed the following problem with the keyboard and touch pad.
I open a Word document and start writing. When I stop typing for 30 seconds or more, the keyboard and touch pad are deactivated. Then I type a few more words but they are not written in the document, instead I notice that a keyboard icon is displayed on the taskbar for 5 seconds. After this icon disappears, the system allows me to continue writing in the document.
It is not a sporadic problem but it happens whenever I stop typing for more than 30 seconds in the document. This happens with any type of document, Word, text file, database,… ..
I use Windows 10 Home and the operating system is fully up to date. I have updated the Surface Pro 7's own drivers twice.
I've searched the internet for all possible solutions to Surface keyboard problems but haven't found the solution so far.
Can anyone help me with this problem?


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I wonder if your Surface is either going to sleep, or putting devices to sleep.

Perhaps try this:

Start a command prompt session (search, cmd)
Right click “Run as administrator”

Use these commands:
powercfg -restoredefaultschemes
Hit Enter


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Also make sure you have at least Win 10 20H2 update. This fixed a lot of issues for me aside from the 30 second freeze that occurs where my keyboard and mouse stop responding for 30 seconds, but that was mostly fixed due to several firmware updates to my Surface Pro 6. However, I do feel that 20H2 fixes a lot of issues with Pro 7's as well as Pro 6's.

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