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keyboard shortcuts (as in the ipad)


I am a physician working in an ICU. I currently take notes on my ipad while doing rounds and hearing information from our residents, fellows, nurses etc.. I then use those notes taken to formulate my progress notes in our EMR (electronic medical record). Nothing magic here, I just review and go into our EMR and type my notes. The ipad is a great tablet but it is a lousy word processor (and I have tried many word processing programs for the ipad). One of the good things is does is it has the ability to create typing shortcuts. I will give you some examples:

I put in 3 slashes -> /// and it automatically comes up with mcg/kg/min or if I type "bdg" it automatically inserts bidirection Glenn (a type of cardiac surgery on children) or if I type dex it automatically inserts dexmedetomidine ( a medication whose name is too long to spell easily) . I have crerated about 20 of these shortcuts. This feature obviously saves time and has worked well for me over the past year.

I am very intereted in the Surface (or Surface Pro). I went to the Microsoft kiosk in our local mall and brought my ipad with me. I compared features and software to make a good comparison. The Surface did well.

My question: Does the Surface have the ability to do the shortcuts I mentioned above?

Thanks for your time and help.



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Word 2013 has the AutoCorrect feature. Just go to File | Options | Proofing ans click on the AutoCorrect Options button. In the Replace field enter in "///" and in the With field " mcg/kg/min" so now when you type in /// you will get what you are looking for.


This is what I was looking for except there are some issues which I can work around. In the ipad, 2 slashes meant mg/kg/day, 3 slashes mcg/kg/min 4 slashes mu/kg/min etc. After testing this with word, it automatically corrects for the 2 slashes, so I can't put in 3 of them because it automatically does the 2 and won't let me get to 3 slashes. That is not a big deal. I will just come up with other conventions such as 3 periods or 3 commas etc.

Thanks, That was one of the last hurdles. Now I need to decide to I need the Pro vs the RT.


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The way I typically handled these in AutoHotKey was to include a space at the end, but Word doesn't like that. You could just use another character after your "/"s to differentiate without triggering the one with less. Hope this helps.
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