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Killers Apps for Surface tablets.


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Being a new user of a Surface Pro Tablet, I would like to know what "Killer Applications" do most of you think is a must have in their Surface Tablets. This goes for whether it is music applications, internet browsers, anti-virus/anti-malware applications, restore/recovery applications and so on. Please list them. Thank you! :)


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I use
Sky Drive and SkyDrive Pro for my files
Office 365 for email and Office
Plex for my movie/tv fix
Solitare because I'm old school. There are other games that I have from time to time, solitaire is the only one that stays though
Lync 2013 for video calls from my kids
Photoshop Express for picture edits, I only do very basic photo editing
RDP for remote connections
Hyper-V for specific tools that I just don't want installed on my surface or ones that run/look better in Win7

One thing that I can't praise enough is office 365. I know it's not exactly something that everyone can or wants to pay for but if you can and want to, I suggest you do it. The seamless integration is awesome. I have the Nokia Lumia 928, the Surface Pro, Windows 8.1 on my laptop and on a HTPC connected to my bedroom TV. ALL of them sync, pictures, email, contacts, appointments, everything. Yeah, I know there are other ways of doing it, but I like the single point of management with 365. If my wife wants her stuff, she just logs in with her 365 account and there it is. I can toss stuff into her SkyDrive pro and vice versa.
My apps and likes are definitely from an administrator point of view but it works for me, the only time I go to my laptop is when I specifically want the 17in screen with the laptop portability, otherwise I just jack the MiniDisplay in and connect to my tv.


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For the Surface PRO / Windows8:
VLC is the app for video
I use the builtin Microsoft defender for antivirus.


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say, you just reminded me, antivirus. duh.

I use InTune for my av and system updates. Same av engine as defender or security essentials, it's just managed by InTune
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