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Lack of accessories?


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Is it just me or does there seem to be a lack of accessories for the Microsoft tablets? Is this because vendors don't think they will be popular or perhaps the demand for cases etc. is lower because pretty much every owner buys a type/touch cover so the need for a case isn't as critical?

I'm hoping that MS opens up the "Accessory Spine" to other vendors. I'd love to see a type keyboard with an integrated pen holder. I'd also be interested in an external battery.
As with anything, accessories will come with demand. Unfortunately neither Surface is going to touch the number of iPad (at least not in the near future), so they will have more accessories. That will hopefully change with time, but probable not quickly. If there is something specific you want, I would suggest to make a request to the company that makes something similar and express a desire. If they see enough demand, it might get made.