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Laptop Hinge vs Kickstand Poll for SP4

Should the SP4 have a keyboard hinge or kickstand mechanism?

  • A hinge!

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • Keep using a kickstand!

    Votes: 44 89.8%

  • Total voters


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Re: The Acer Switch -- To me that combo looks clunky and awkward. If I wanted a laptop then I'd buy a laptop. The SP3 offers the best of both worlds.


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I'd argue that they're choosing the surface for everything BUT the keyboard. They're buying it because it's pretty much the only laptop/tablet replacement in the 12' range with the specs it has. Everyone else still mostly has 10 or 13' designs, which feel either too small, or too large when used as a laptop replacement. The keyboard is always the negative in any reviews for the surface as it just bounces around when you type on it and doesn't feel sturdy at all... I grew to like it when I used it, but I still don't understand why you wouldn't want an identical form factor with superior materials and a hinge mechanism, but to each his own I suppose.

Also, you can't seriously think that the vast majority are choosing Surfaces over other devices... It might be the most popular compared to other brands one on one, but overall, sales of OEM devices TRUMP sales of the SP3. Again, no numbers here, but I fail to see how MS sells more Surfaces than all of HP/Lenovo/Asus/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Sony etc - that's just wishful thinking imo.

If MS does keep the current type-cover form factor, would you be opposed to them making it out of some sort of plastic/magnesium finish with actual chiclet style keys? That's a compromise I could live with at the very least.
I was specifically addressing 2 and 1's, the other OEMs sell many more Laptops than Microsoft will ever sell of its Surface.

Again, I wouldn't find the Keyboard Dock the best of all worlds, I would find a regression and kills the brand "Surface". If consumers want the Keyboard Dock, there are many to choose from, those who purchase want a Laptop that can act as a Tablet, not a Tablet that can act as Laptop.


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Hinge = laptop = lost me as a customer.

Agreed. If the Surface goes to a hinge or 2 in 1 form factor, they will lose me as a customer. The Surface stands out in how it was designed to be different than anyone else. I don't want a 'me to' wannabe. Their is an inherit beauty with the Surface. You take it out any setting and folks start asking questions.

Love my Surface! Actually, should say Love my Surfaces. My new employer asked me if I wanted a Mac. I asked if I could have a Surface instead. They agreed and bought me a Surface and dock. Sweet!!! Now I have an i5 and i7 Surface. One runs Win 8.1 and the other Win 10 preview. Best of both worlds!


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If I want a laptop, I'd rather buy a ThinkPad!!! I want the Surface whose form factor - to me - is one of its biggest assets! Moreover, as a concept, the Surface is very challenging to me - challenging in the sense of not being difficult to comprehend, but one to marvel at. Imagine an i5-i7 packing tablet that is actually a tablet and a very good one at that (factoring in, of course, the app situation - but that aside). No...I would like the kickstand (design mods/ optimizations ok though) as compared to a hinge.
if surface pro wasn't around I would probably have a Lenovo yoga, I like the design but surface pro 3 is thinner and lighter plus I use the pen some so I went with it.


Why must it be one or the other? Why not a design that maintains the current kickstand and keyboard, but also offers a keyboard docking option that is more traditional? Is this not possible for some reason? I'd buy both.


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I'm with the "if I wanted a laptop I would've bought a laptop" crowd. The elegance of the Surface engineering has always blown me away, largely because of the kickstand, which is why I'm on my third (RT -> S2 -> SP3). If the OP was critiquing the original touch cover I'd be inclined to agree, but I think the latest keyboard iteration is terrific.


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Why must it be one or the other? Why not a design that maintains the current kickstand and keyboard, but also offers a keyboard docking option that is more traditional? Is this not possible for some reason? I'd buy both.
Because to engineer the Keyboard Dock would take resources away from the other engineering tasks to improve other aspects of the Surface Eco-system. By Microsoft's own admission, it took 3 years to get the covers to a shippable format and we are now on our third iteration of said covers.

I've used the 2 and 1's that offer keyboard docks and none of them are engineered anywhere near the quality of the Surface line.


Touching a screen stabilized by the kick stand is a much better experience.

If Microsoft wanted to sell a Super Surface it would have a full size screen and detachable keyboard and a kick stand


Got mine because I wanted a tablet that can be a laptop, not a laptop that can be a tablet. I use my Surface more as a tablet than a laptop. What's nice is when I really need to work I can do just that because of its versatility; don't have to worry about carrying a heavier keyboard to get some typing in.