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Large Outlook OST Files in Surface 3 or Pro


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I'm looking at investing in a Surface 3 for work purposes. We run Exchange Server at work and I deal with many large emails on a daily basis. My OST file on my main machine is over 10GB, and I run a HP i5 laptop with 8GB ram and 250gb Intel SSD which has no issues with these large files.

For the Surface though, I'd want to be able to run the full version of Outlook (not the web client) and run it in cache mode so the device doesn't have to connect back to the server to fetch old emails. I like the size of the Surface 3 for how I intend to use it, taking to meetings, working out of the office, but not as a desktop replacement. It's also much more affordable and is being released with 4G which is a bonus. Would the 128gb/4gb Surface 3 be able to handle such large OST files?

99% of my time is spent in Outlook, browsing large PDF's of plans and reports, Word and Excel, with a bit of Google Earth thrown in.