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Daughter: Is it true, Mom? I heard that in ancient China, a woman doesn't know her husband until she marries.

Mother: That happens everywhere, daughter, everywhere!


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A duck walks into a bar and asks the barman, "have you got any grapes" the barman answers "NO"... "OK" says the duck and walks out. The next day, the ducks walks into the bar again and ask the barman, "You got any grapes". 'NO" says the barman, " I told you yesterday we don't have any grapes, we've never had any grapes, and we never will have any grapes".. "OK" says the duck, and walks out. The next day the duck walk into the bar again and before he says anything the barman yells, " IF YOU ASK ME IF WE'VE GOT ANY GRAPES. I"LL NAIL YOUR BECK TO THE BAR".. "Fair enough" said the duck, "Have you got any nails?".. "NO" said the barman. Duck says,, "GOOD,, Have you got any GRAPES"


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Microsoft's Latest Venture
News just in of Microsoft's latest venture: Microsoft Corporation has taken another step toward dominating every aspect of American life with the introduction of Contraceptive98, a suite of applications designed for users who engage in sex. Microsoft has been a pioneer in peer-to-peer connectivity and plug and play. It believes these technologies will give it substantial leverage in penetrating the copulation enhancement market. The product addresses two important user concerns: the need for virus protection and the need for a firewall to ensure the non-propagation of human beings. The Contraceptive98 suite consists of three products: Condom98, DeFetus 1.0 (from Sementec), and AIDScan 2.1 (from Norton Utilities). A free copy of Intercourse Explorer 4.0 is bundled in the package. The suite also comes in two expanded versions. Contraceptive98 Professional is the Client/Server edition, for professionals in the sexual services sector. Contraceptive98 Small Business Edition is a package for startups, aimed at the housewife and gigolo niches. While Contraceptive98 does not address nontraditional copulatory channels, future plug-ins are planned for next year. OPERATION: Only one node in a peer-to-peer connection needs to install the package. At installation, the Condom98 software checks for minimum hardware. If the user meets the requirements, the product installs and is sufficiently scaleable to meet most requirements. After installation, operation commences. One precaution is that the user must be sure they have sufficient RAM to complete the session. When the session is complete, a disconnect is initiated, and the user gets the message, it is now safe to turn off your partner. DRAWBACKS: Usability testers report that frequent failures were a major concern during beta testing. General Protection Fault was the most serious error encountered. Early versions had numerous bugs, but most of these have been eliminated. The product needs to be installed each time its used. CONCLUSION: Contraceptive98 is a robust product. Despite its drawbacks, it is reasonably good value for its $49.95 price tag, and is far superior to its shareware version. Hopefully, future releases (of the software, that is) will add missing functionality, such as Backout and Restore, uninterruptible Power Supply and Onboard Camera.
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is optimistic that "Our contraceptive products will help users do to each other what we've been doing to our customers for years.":cool2:
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