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surface 3 cover/stand, better viewing angles


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im a new surface pro 3 owner (just replaced my old samsung ativ for a nice new surface), so far am absolutely loving it, definitely the best tablet experience ive ever had

the only downside ive found to it is the kickstand, while its okay for a table it doesnt really work on other surfaces (such as your lap for instance), im a big belly surfer (lying down in bed or on the couch, laptop on belly, surfing the net) and find it pretty difficult to so on a surface, i bought the dock and currently use it (unplugged) to keep the tablet in position, but the viewing angle leaves alot to be desired

this is just one of those situations where nothing seems to beat the traditional style laptop hinge (the kind used in most other tablet/laptop hybrids)

does anyone know of an accessory i could maybe use to remedy this, im thinking there has to be some kind of case somewhere (or maybe a stand) that would solve the problem, ordered a cheapo Folio style case from ebay (just for temporary use), but not too sure if thatll work


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A piece of plywood or hard board with two 1/2" strips of wood, separate the strips for the desired angle. :)


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