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Left Handed Inking Issues


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I have found an issue on this SP3, that I never had on the SP2.

It is to do with being left handed.

I have quite a few pages down the left side and unfortunately being left handed if my palm touches before the pen does it throws me, often, to a new page. I would love a feature whereby the pages in OneNote Modern could be put down the right hand side.

I also find it harder to handwrite, in some ways, than on the SP2. The SP2 gave smoother writing overall. I liked the feel of it better.


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If you download the full version of OneNote (its now free).

Open the full desktop version.
File -> Options -> Advanced -> scroll down to "Default OneNote Application", and tick "Make OneNote 2013 (desktop) the default OneNote application etc etc"

This will carry on using the metro OneNote when you pen press for quick notes, and switch to full desktop verion when you unlock.

Within the desktop version you can move the tabs to the other edge of the screen.


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I like the modern OneNote.

The suggestion of using it full screen though does work for me. Thank you for that.

It makes writing more comfortable knowing it isn't going to switch pages all of a sudden.