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Lego Marvel


Has anyone tried this game on a Surface Pro? It runs excellent but a strange overlay popped up over the game that appears to be a touch directional pad and buttons on the right. Whenever you touch the overlay, the entire game minimizes to the task bar. Does this game support the Surface Pro with touch? If so, there is no way to use the touchscreen controls and I can't figure out how to remove them from the screen.
Looks like this is a dead forum. I guess I'll need to live with the on screen touch controls even though I have an xbox controller plugged in. I read somewhere to disable all HID devices that use the touchscreen but that seems complicated. I guess when the Surface Pro becomes more popular, Microsoft will add a feature to easily turn off and on touch screen controls for games supporting this feature. For now, it doesn't even work - once you touch the screen, the entire game minimizes to the taskbar. Seems pretty pointless to have a touchscreen.
I prefer to read this kind of stuff. The quality of content is fine and the conclusion is good. Thanks for the post.
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