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Let's hear it from those who like their Surface Book!


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I received mine last Thursday. i7/8g/256g. Been using it for about 6 to 8 hours a day and have had no problems. Doing mostly spreadsheets and such and watching movies. So far I love the thing. Seems all we hear from are those that are having problems. If I didn't know better I'd believe no one has been without major problems. I do realize that this is the first edition and that there will be some glitches along the way. I hope that my experience is not the exception to the rule.


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I have the same setup. Also love it, with few problems (most of which easily resolve themselves, although they do recur). My biggest disappointment though is the available apps and their quality (granted I got the SB as a laptop, but if I was going the SP4 or S3 route I think it would be missing a lot of pure "tablet" functionality, even if it may still be an excellent computer).

Wayne Orwig

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Same configuration here too. Also got it last Thursday.
The new driver Monday fixed most issues I had.
Overall I really like it, and plan to keep it.

I have to believe that there were not enough test models made for developers to test their drivers on. So it is going to take some time to get over the first bumps.


I've had my SB since the 26th, and the vast majority of new-tech issues have been cleared up by updates. I expect the rest will be also. I think one should expect a few hiccups in such cases, and be patient til things are resolved. I went into the purchase knowing that it would be a bit rough at first, and MS has been very good at remedying glitches. I've been teaching my classes from it and enjoy the combination of laptop productivity and tablet mobility when wanted.

All in all, I think the SB is a fantastic device.


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Although I've only had my i7/16GB/512GB since Tuesday evening, I'm loving it so far. It's such a better fit for me than the SP1/2/3 were. Although I really enjoyed those machines and got tons of great use out of them, for my routine, the setup of the Surface Book is much better. I love the screen, I think the keyboard feels great, it's got one of the closest to MacBook trackpads that I've personally had on a Windows machine, and it's screamin' fast compared to my i5/8GB/256GB SP3, and I especially appreciate having that one extra USB port. I pretty much agree with all of the other reviewers. The total weight of the device is a little shocking when you pick it up. It's almost the opposite of the original iPad Air experience. I remember picking that thing up the first time and being impressed by how light it felt. This thing looks like it would be really light, but when you pick it up, it's just got a heft that doesn't really match its svelte looks. Not saying it's some back breaker, but it just doesn't line up with your initial impression of the looks. Now, once the clipboard is separated, that thing does feel feather light. In any case, I don't just like it so far...I love it!