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Liking my Surface ... recommendation re Keyboard


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I have had my Surface (Pro 2) for 3 weeks and am loving the experience. Did a fair amount of research before buying and could see that I was mainly going to be using it in tablet mode (no keyboard) or attached to a Deskstation set-up. I therefore did not spend any additional money on the various Surface keyboard options.

For £33 (GBP) I bought a "Logitech Cordless Mediaboard pro (Bluetooth) (PS3)" (available on Amazon) which is sold for use along with a PS3, but works fine with the Surface.

  1. Uses Bluetooth, so that USB port can still be used for something else.
  2. Has a built in trackpad that works fine for my usage.

Recommend the Surface as a one unit solution and at £33 the keyboard is a bonus.
Yes, that is the one. Thanks for the link.

When I turn the keyboard on (it has a little on/off switch on the front which is helpful), I can start typing immediately, so the pairing/detection is fast. There is a little once only set-up to do in Settings > Devices > Bluetooth, but all that went without any hitches for me.