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Surface Pro keyboard noisy


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I have been noticing in a lot of online reviews, video reviews as well, the noisiness of the Surface Pro 8 keyboard being mentioned a lot. I kinda understand the touchpad part but you don't HAVE to click the trackpad since it's touch sensitive, You can gently tap it and still get a left or right click out of it.

Then I noticed people always tilting the Surface Pro keyboard up when they are on a flat surface like a table. Ergonomically this is not good for your wrists if you're a touch typist because it makes you bend your wrists to type. On a hard, flat, surface you should also keep the keyboard flat and not tilted.

This also prevents a lot of the loud noise from the keyboard since there is no "chamber" for the sound to resonate in under the keyboard. I feel like there needs to be more accurate reviews done since there are common sense things not being done or mentioned in these reviews.

Do you all ALWAYS tilt the Surface Pro keyboard when using your Surface Pro on a table? I mean even laptops don't have the ability to tilt like that naturally. They all lay flat. When did this "tilt up always" trend start? lol


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One reason for folks to tilt the SP8 keyboard is to secure & hide the pen while it's docked and not needed.

I thought ergonomically the opposite would be true of a tilted vs flat keyboard: that the slight tilt was better. Is it because the keyboard is closer to the tabletop that flat is better?

The "trend" started with typewriters: the rows of keys were at a slight incline. ;)