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Limited cortana on my sp3 win10


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My first post here so please go easy on me.

I appreciate this is not so much a sp3 question however it is isolated to my sp3.

For some reason local business requests are not working on my sp3. I'm a UK resident.

E.g if I ask "where's my nearest coffee shop" I get a bing reply.

If I ask same question on windows phone it works perfectly.

Any suggestions?


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Welcome to the forum

This sounds like a Cortana issue so it may get moved there. Your phone uses 2 ways to get your location, GPS if it has it and it's turned on and available, (your are outside) and cell towers (triangulation method and less accurate but pretty close). Does that help?

Some devices that can't get a good GPS signal will uses your WAN IP address which can be a long way from where you are. You also may want to double check your "use my" location settings


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Location settings are good. That's a very good point about the wan. Didn't think of that. That's probably it. I'll try connecting it to my phone to see if that works. Thanks