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Link to thread for resolving WiFi Connectivity Issues??? Is it "solvable"?


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I've searched the site some for details on how to correct a wifi connection problem. I had bought my son a Surface RT in June to be used this Fall in college. He had used it sparingly over the summer with no connection issues with our wifi at home. He's had it 2 weeks at college and hasn't had any issues with connecting to the school's wifi. However, as of yesterday, he cannot even get to the login "room" for the wifi! We have tried several things such as turning airplane mode on - then off to "cycle" the connection. Also, have told it to "forget network", then "reconnect". We have even "refreshed" the surface. All with no results!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Does the wifi work in other places and is only problematic at school? You have two tech support points: a Microsoft store or his school's tech support. Colleges and universities these days have their own IT departments and should be able to help with connectivity issues. I would honestly go to them first because students have tech troubles all the time. But if wifi stopped working for all places and not just his school, then at least it's narrowed down to his unit; I'd then contact MS.


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He may have a ghost connection. This is windows 8 at its worst. There is a command line you can run to clean it out : netsh wlan delete 'profile name' I think IIRC? Profile name being the network name or SSID of the college WIFI. I forget the exact syntax in 8 though I don't think it changes much from 7 to 8. Anyway just google the command line to remove a wireless network connection in windows 8.
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