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Local vs. Microsoft account- why or why not


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IE tabs, bookmarks, and passwords sync between my pc, Surface, and phone. Click the tab button and at the top left of the tabs, there is a dropdown to choose which machine you want to see tabs open.

Also, with a MS acct. if you have it set, my Lumia 920 on WP 8.1 is synced to Onedrive so I can restore or start a new phone and all my icon placements and apps are restored in a few minutes.

Thanks for the info. I hadn't actually noticed a way to do it. While that isn't exactly what I'd prefer, it is handy enough. I now see how to do it in the 'modernUI' version of IE, but haven't quite found that in the desktop version.


I guess this puts me in the minority, I haven't used a Microsoft Account once. I'd consider myself a power user, and do not in anyway want my personal information stored with another company. I'll configure manually anyday. Now in regards to customers of mine that I setup that are NOT power users. I set them up with a Microsoft Account and warn them of what it is. All the services out there that want you to link your accounts together to make your life easier, that's all fun till someone gets hurt. I'll keep my mind sharper by remembering it all ;) I use my Surface Pro not as a Tablet but as a PC and configure it as such. I don't need Windows Mail or notifications on my Desktop PC, I'll just use Outlook. I don't need the Windows Store for "apps" or to "Change my PC Settings" for updates. I'll go to Windows Update before anything. The setup process alone for a new Microsoft Account on a Windows 8 machine, boggles my mind on the time it takes.

I just don't use it nor have a need for it. I'm reminded of this anytime I think of these life simplifying services.


With the above said, I love Windows 8, and the options it provides to its entire base of users, that includes the "modern" interface.
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I'm in the same minority. I think the whole synchronizing movement is just asking for it.

My wife loves it, and I believe that is why she's got that much more junk mail than I do. She frequently ends up w/ so much junk mail, she gives up checking her inbox... and reverts back to using her phone as primary contact... but even that's too late. She now gets robo_callers. Oh the irony of it all.

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